Morán visual artist


Above the garden
Rusted Mantras

HIS PROFESSIONAL CAREER started in the 90’s, through drawing and collage. From the beginning his artwork has been marked by the poetic interpretation of everyday topics and notable social content, and the effects of migration in culture as well as the presence of domestic violence in everyday relationships.

The treating of recurrent themes in all cultures has created an open dialogue with a more comprehensive review. His artistic creation is very diverse; he develops series that formally appear very different from each other, but conceptually interwoven with a thread that characterizes his work, especially the ironic sense and the metaphorical use of the images. His means of expression are manifold, including installation, photography, video, painting and object art. 

He has a Graduate Degree in Plastic Arts from National Art Center CENAR, San Salvador also studied applied arts at Dr. José Matías Delgado University, San Salvador; as well as some artist residencies in México and Spain. 

In 2006 he was selected by EXIT Magazine, Madrid, Spain, as 1 of the top 100 most influential latinamerican Contemporary Artist. He has represented El Salvador in many international biennals like: 2024 XL Venice Biennial, Italy; 2010 IV Beijin Biennial; Beijin, China; 2008 X Habana Biennial; La Habana, Cuba; 2007 LII Venice Biennial, Italy.

His work explores social issues in different medias.