THIS PIECE EVOLVES from the series “Por encima del jardín” which was exhibited in 2021 at the Museo de Arte de El Salvador (MARTE), where Morán created a very particular aesthetic that started from an unavoidable, dissuasive and biting element: the wire “razor”. This wire is called by different names in third world countries dominated by insecurity and social violence. The razor is a spiral-sha- ped concertina, with sharp blades, which creates a placebo effect that ignores social classes, which is why it is present in several houses, to the extent that its grotesque form is made invisible and accepted to the point that it’s missed when it is not on top of a wall.

Nube’s concept explores issues not only related to the context of insecurity and violence, but also further, where history’s motives become repressive and cruel through impenetrable sharp blades, used as a barrier that blocks freedom by forcing to stop a way out and prevent a way in.

It addresses the darkest side of colonialism, slavery, a repression of any social discontent and the violent dissolution of any libertarian attempt. All that human drama symbolically is contrasted, throu- gh irony, the fragility and volatility of a gaseous and ethereal body represented in a cloud, this time suspended morbidly like a drawing made with razor wire in an empty space.