Mantras Oxidados

(Rusted Mantras)

THIS SERIES OF DRAWINGS is based on the Eastern practice of representing nature sponta- neously. This action of drawing with sumi-e reflects a Zen spirit, where the artist is the medium that discovers the secret soul, and with precise strokes captures a contemplative and mystical atmosphe- re where the hidden beauty of things is discovered.

These drawings capture with spontaneous strokes the desolation, the industrial coldness and
the threatening, hurtful sensation of a crude system, which in the eyes of the majority provides an apparent security. The irony of pondering on the unfortunate reality surrounding the third world, and from this premise upset the status quo of a society oppressed and cloistered by insecurity.

All this is an act contrary to contemplating the natural motifs that in a single stroke the bamboo shoots define on the rice paper, as part of a meditative action in the ancient East, which is still preserved today.